How Good Google Rankings Are Wasted On Poorly Performing Websites

Oscar Wilde once said: “Illusion is the first of all pleasures”.  Where we can debate the message, I think it’s safe to say that all of us, at one time or another has experienced some form of pleasure from an illusion.   Whether it was a hologram, a set of clothing that looked amazing, but was poorly manufactured, or a shapely woman in a red dress carrying a terrible personality, we probably agree that looks can be deceiving and that appearances are often just that.

But what does this illusion we speak of have to do with your website’s rankings?  Get comfortable and give me a few moments to explain, I promise I’ll make the time worthwhile. I really do enjoy shining light into dark places, empowering small business owners wherever possible. So here it is.

I’ll bet if you’re like most small business owners you’ve heard that getting to that number one spot on the first page of Google (for multiple key words relating to your business’ products or services), should be a top priority or something like that.  Am I warm? You probably get dozens of e-mails daily, from web companies promising to get you to the top spot for (fill in) amount, just like the rest of us.  It can be nauseating sometimes, but doesn’t it seem necessary if you want more people to see you and find your business easily via the search engines?  Of course it’s necessary!  Being number one (or even in the top five) is very important in terms of visibility, but the thing is, being number one is not nearly as important as how much traffic your website receives, and even less important than HOW WELL YOUR WEBSITE CONVERTS VISITORS TO INTERESTED PARTIES AND TO SALES!  The sad thing is, you could even be number one for multiple categories and yet that cheap, template-based website with no marketing implemented will waste marketing dollars faster than they can be replenished. Sad, but true.

I’ve seen business owners fight tooth and nail to get to that number one spot, only to find themselves at the top spot scratching their heads in disbelief and wondering why their phones still weren’t ringing. They’re confused and just about all of them have the same look on their faces. Few things pain me more than seeing business owners suffer unnecessarily. This brings me to why I’m here. It is my hope that you take something useful away from this article.  Otherwise, what’s the point?

Now the best way to illustrate what I’m saying is to have you visualize going to the circus with your kids.  We go to the circus to be entertained, don’t we?  We go for the trapeze artists, the clowns, the dancing bears, the ringleader and cotton candy, right?  Well, what would happen if you saw the tent at one point, made plans to go with your family, then arrived to find no animals, clowns, high wire acts or even a ringleader?  What would you do?  You’d go home wouldn’t you?  I mean why stay, if what you’re looking for isn’t there?  It’s the same scenario with a template based, clunky website that has nothing compelling enough on its homepage to make anyone stay and start clicking.  A website that doesn’t convert visitors to new business, is little less than an enlarged online business card.  And no matter what kind of traffic that website gets, it will be wasted by a crappy website that isn’t compelling and does not engage its visitors or get them into action quickly.

You may not want to hear it, and you might think that a website, is a website, is a website. But deep down inside you knew there was more to the whole web thing than building out a FREE website from WIX, or Weebly, or Squarespace, didn’t you?  Did you think: “If I build it, they will come?”  I mean, I know the commercials can be appealing.  These guys spend millions of dollars to get you to essentially risk it all just to save a few dollars.  Trust me, I understand that you’re trying to save money by any means, but I can promise you that the money you save now by going with a free, or super low cost template-based website will end up costing far more money in lost revenue than you saved.

Why?  For one, YOU are NOT a web marketer!  Are you?  Did you think web marketing was just a term made to fool people, and that basically anyone with half a brain could do it?  Did you think your niece, or nephew (fresh out of school), who convinced you they knew web design AND marketing could pull it off?  Be honest!

Truth is, it takes SEASONED professionals to design and build websites that perform well.  It’s like any other profession.  Want to save money on taxes?  Go to a CPA or an accountant with a great reputation. You get injured in a car accident, do you hire someone from Craigslist or do you call Lerner & Rowe?  It’s no different when it comes to having a website that not only looks great, but performs exceptionally well over time.  PLEASE DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!  Do the research!  Fall on your face a few times.  It’s OK.  But just as you wouldn’t trust a simple handyman to build your entire home, you should leave what is largely the future of your business to those with a VERIFIABLE, PROVEN track record. Do it not, and it’s your funeral.

Statistics show that a whopping 94% of those business owners who go with a low cost or free template-based website and fail to market their services and products properly online, fall on their faces within the first year of business. Most thought that hiring someone off Fiverr, or Craigslist (whose name was hard to pronounce), was a pretty safe play.  I mean what could possibly be that difficult?!  A web guy is a web guy, right?  Not even close, dear readers, not even close!  Believe me, I do understand you went cheap because you figured something was better than nothing, right?  No one told you that free website builders were a pretty sure fire road to failure, or that being number one on Google was only part of your mission as a small business owner. I’m sorry about that! I really am. In the here and now however, you have a chance to change your situation and you now know that rankings alone aren’t worth much without great traffic and a website that converts and coverts well.  That’s right, you no longer have an excuse to suffer! In fact, Aeon has a way for you to begin creating a state of the art, professional web image and presence for as little as 299.00 per month!  Now you really have no excuse, do you?

Let’s talk soon!  Until then, I hope you flourish beyond your dreams.

2 thoughts on “How Good Google Rankings Are Wasted On Poorly Performing Websites

  1. So how do you know who the “SEASONED professionals” are and who aren’t? I don’t know much at all about web design so how would I tell the difference?

    1. Great question, Martin! It all starts with proper research. Typically a web company won’t state (via their website) that they offer 100% custom web design and development from scratch, unless they do. It is important to ask the right questions when interviewing those web companies.
      On the other hand, there are many web companies will say they offer custom, though the educated consumer will know to ask if these are merely customizing templates, or if the websites are built from scratch. The sad part is, your average business owner won’t know which questions to ask, so the web company will build out a template, and in most cases the business owner won’t know the difference. Another great question to ask, is: How long does it take for you to build a website template? If the developer says 80 to 100 hours, there is a better than good chance you’re speaking with an amateur. If they say 20-30 hours, chances are they know what they’re doing, and can be considered seasoned for the most part. The same question applies for custom, hand coded. An amateur might take 150-200 hours to design and build a custom website (If they can even create one in the first place). On average, Aeon tech personnel can usually complete a custom website in under 60 hours, depending on bells and whistles, of course. There will also be a substantial difference in pricing between template based, and true hand coded custom. Roughly twice the price in fact, on average.
      Does that all make sense? If so, did you have any other questions I can answer?

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