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Today's internet is largely comprised of factory-line and derelict websites, where corporations prevail and the small business owner is left to flounder with limited options on a limited budget. We founded Aeon to give the average business owner a competitive edge. Using the latest in design trends and web technologies, we offer custom, tailor-made for you, website design and development services that will help set you apart and stand out in the crowd.

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Preparing Your Business For The Future

Inspiration for the following article is brought to you by those business owners who have a false sense of security regarding the future of their business.  The names have been changed to protect the guilty. Maggie is a business owner who has a flower shop, here in the valley of the sun.  She’s been doing […]

Life Lessons for Business

Everyone has a story.  Almost every person I know, has a story related to something, or someone who shaped their way of thinking in life.  Whether it was something you experienced as a child that changed the way you now see things as an adult, most of us can remember profound moments and sometimes we […]

Choosing The Right Web Design Company For Your Business

In the last five years we’ve seen a huge influx in the number of web design companies springing up across the country.  In Phoenix, Arizona alone, there were close to 30 new companies offering web design services that opened their doors in 2016.  Many of those companies initially looked to be legitimate competitors for Aeon […]