Who We Are We are a web design company in Avondale

For the business owner, the process of finding a competent web company can be as difficult as navigating an ocean without a compass.  With more amateurs sprouting up in the field of web than ever before, having certainty and confidence in the abilities of the web company you choose, is essential.  This is why Aeon has employed a “friends first” policy.  Prior to any discussion regarding price, Aeon consultants will take the necessary time to increase your knowledge of web, as it relates to your specific needs, without the fluff and sales copy.  We focus on the relationship, not our bottom line.  We see that by educating and lifting others toward success, without expectation, our expansion is guaranteed.  Call us “Old Fashioned”, but we believe that old school values are what is responsible for getting us to where we are today.  With a combined 50+ years experience in web design, SEO/SEM and small business consulting, our long term focus on allegiance to the small business owner, is what separates us from the rest.  Aeon developers, consultants and internet marketing experts regularly update their own skills and education.  We produce ONLY 100% custom, responsive websites that focus on conversions.  We never utilize templates, or take short cuts in the development process, since we know that one size, does NOT fit all businesses.  We believe that a website is only as good as it converts visitors to customers/clients, so we focus on functionality first, appearance second.  The result is an effective marketing tool, one that acts as your best sales employee, 24/7, without breaks, or vacations.

We’ve been called “The Mercedes S Class of web developers and marketers” for good reason.  We don’t cut corners, or outsource web development, internet marketing, or consulting services.  And where revenue obviously sustains life, our agenda remains clear and focused on strengthening our community from the inside out, one business at a time.  Aeon will also donate 10% of all fees paid for web design, internet marketing, and consulting services to ‘Muttshack Pet Adoptions’.  Muttshack is a 501C-3 non profit organization established in 2005; post Hurricane Katrina.  100% of all donations to Muttshack go toward safe pointing rescued animals, via adoption events in the greater Los Angeles area.  These donations also aide in advancing public awareness of the ‘No Kill’ movement.