Content & Marketing

Google reminds us that content plays a major role in search engine ranking, though there is a key factor regarding content that tends to get missed: Quality content. Your website shouldn’t just communicate for the search engines. This tactic may get your site a top spot on the search engines temporarily, but if that content is not easily assimilated by your website visitors, your stay at the top will most likely not last long. Your website content needs to be engaging and relevant enough to your visitors to keep them on your site and moving through it. The more your website is considered a valuable resource by your visitors, the higher your chances for first page rankings that stick.

We understand that online marketing is a full time job. Aeon offers premier content writing services for website, blog and social media networks, with focus on helping you build your online image and presence in the most up to date and effective ways possible.

The content we produce is fresh and original. In fact, we adamantly oppose boilerplate content, which can have a negative effect on website ranking. We can remove the stress and pressure of keeping up with content demands by providing content that sets you apart in your industry and schedule weekly, bi weekly, and monthly campaigns. We can also advise on where and when to post content in order to maximize efforts and increase rankings without breaking the bank. If you’re on a shoestring budget, but have time on your side, we can and will show you how to get to the top of the search engines with little, if any “out of pocket” expense.

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