10 Reasons Your Company Doesn’t Need A Website

You’ve probably heard every reason under the sun as to why you should have a website for your business.  It seems like every day there is another web company out there pestering you to create a better image, create local business listings, verify a listing, or make your website more functional and SEO friendly.  You do what it is that you do, you don’t really understand how it all works, and really can’t take the time to learn.  Am I close?

Where most web companies seem to have great intentions, you probably don’t believe what they’re telling you regarding your online image.  After all you HAVE a website that looks fine!   It’s a website, right?  What’s the big deal?  What’s so bad about it?  Why should you have to create an image online, after all?  Most of your business comes from referrals, right?  Who cares what Google thinks!  Business is OK, and you just don’t see why you should have to roll with the times and do what they suggest, in order to maintain good visibility locally.  You probably don’t have time for this stuff and just wish someone would give you a few reasons why you really don’t need a website, so that you can be right.  After all, it’s not as important as those who sell websites tell you it is!  It can’t be!

Well, here are 10 reasons your company DOES NOT need a website:

1) Your business sells Carrier Monkeys.  No one wants your stupid carrier monkeys and you should probably have a look at a different business; one of which has services and products that are in much higher demand.

2) You are literally the ONLY business of your kind within 100 miles, you don’t want to expand, you’ve been at your location now for over 50 years and you’ve never had any competition……ever.

3) You sell pool cues out of your van, you live in that van, down by the river, and you have no desire to upscale your operation.

4) Your daughter, nephew, cousin, son in law, great grandchild is an IT professional and they know all there is to know about web development.  (Note: Calling on an IT person to handle your website needs, is like calling a Veterinarian when you have chest pains)

5) You’re a very famous celebrity.  Everyone knows who you are, and loves you unconditionally.

6) You do not have a product or service you would like to market.

7) It happens to be Monday and you just have too much to do to even think about a website.  (This being the case, you’re 100% excused and should no longer consider having a website created, ever.)

8) Your best friend is a “Reputation Management Specialist” and he told you that you didn’t need one.  He also said that having a website wasn’t all that important in the big picture. You’d stake your life on this friend being correct.  He calls himself a guru, after all.

9) Your wife or husband doesn’t think you should spend the money.  After all, they’re the expert when it comes to online marketing and the image of your business and you have all the inbound calls you can handle.

10) You pay 300.00 a month to the Yellow Pages, or Yelp or Manta and they told you that as long as you continue doing so, you’ll be just fine….or something like that.

I’m from New Jersey, for those who haven’t followed for long.  Being from the East Coast I tend to be a bit more direct than many are used to.  Sometimes it rubs people the wrong way, but sometimes it rubs them the wrong way, in a good way.  Anyway, my friend Paulie from Bedminster used to say:  “La Puttana della Miseria!”  Roughly translated from Italian means:  “The Whore of Misery”  He usually said it when people, including himself, went through, or put themselves through unnecessary misery and strife.  Sadly, his statement fit as well then, as it does now.  With that out of the way, I can’t help but wonder if I’m getting through yet?  I see a light on.  Is anyone home?

Many of you continue insisting that a solid web presence is attainable without the basics.  I’m here to tell you that you’re making things unnecessarily hard on yourself.  I’m here to tell you that nothing can replace a custom, hand coded, search engine friendly, responsive website that represents YOUR business 24/7.  I’m hoping that by making light of a serious situation, there is a small chance some of you suddenly wake and splash some water on your face.  Yes, it’s that’s serious.  You need to take the image of your business as seriously as you do a heart attack.  That’s the hard truth.

The good news is that you can do something about your non-existent, or horrible website today; as soon as you’re done reading this article.  You could also do nothing.  Your competitors will love you for it!

Whatever happens, I hope I’ve opened a few eyes and I hope to see you on the other side.

Until next time, I hope you flourish beyond your dreams.

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