Reasons to Blog

One of the major obstacles any business faces can be summed up to the simplicity of needing more exposure – this is why blogging is so important. Every business should have a blog just as every business has something to blog about. And by that I mean everyone. No exceptions.

There are quite a few reasons to blog, but here are the two most important reasons that blogging will be good for your business.

1. Better chances of ranking high on the search engines.

One of the factors that help you to rank on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing is fresh, relevant and unique content. Having a blog and posting regularly will help increase your visibility on the search engines and in turn, increase your visibility to your future customers.

2. Helps you connect with your customers.

Your website is dedicated to selling your product or service, and that is exactly what your website is supposed to do for you – but it’s a one-sided conversation. Your blog gives you an opportunity to really inject the personality of your business into your website. Using your blog to offer valuable information to your customers will increase your overall value as a company in their minds. Additionally, allowing comments on your blog gives your customers the opportunity to interact with you online.

What to Write About

Remember, your blog is there to provide fresh, unique and relevant content that is valuable to your website visitor. When you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what your visitors will be interested in so start with what you are interested in – as long as it’s relevant to your business.

Does your business have a product or service that can be shown? Many businesses do, such as hair salons, design studios, tattoo parlors, and landscapers. Take pictures of your work, write about what you did, what products you used and more. You can even include a review of the customer you performed the service for.

Does your business sell tangible products? Write about your own experience with the product, what it can be used for, how it can be used. You get the idea?

Do you have product/service related advice that you can offer for free?  Write tutorials and how-to tips.

Is there industry related news that your customer would be interested in? Write your own news articles for your blog.

No matter what your business provides, there is always something to write about. Need help with ideas? Ask us!

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