Staff Performance

Over the years I have had the opportunity to be involved in the process of staffing various businesses throughout the country.  From dental practices to beverage supply manufacturers I have covered a vast territory and have had great success with helping various business / practice owners from Portland, ME. to Portland, OR.  I have been on the consulting end with regard to the employment and interview process, as well as procurement for the last 15 years.

Where there is no sure-fire way to find the perfect staff member, there are indeed ways to minimize one’s risk.  I’ll go more into the selection process later as it is quite detailed and lengthy.  For now I want to cover a fundamental for increasing  staff performance that I very seldom see utilized to its full potential.  Most of the business owners I have spoken with do not truly understand the value of bonus system for ALL employees regardless of duties and responsibilities within a particular group.

Now if you’ve already started ahead and said something like: “I can’t afford to implement a bonus system” you may very well be doomed to suffer your staff’s performance issues until the time you close your doors somewhere down the line.  The truth is:  You can ill afford to NOT have a bonus system in place for every employee.  I don’t care if the employee counts beans or scales fish.  A bonus system can be thought out, created and utilized to increase overall production.

This could be a five dollar spiff for the first sale of the day in a telemarketing room, or a steak dinner for a hygienist that has done more prophy’s in one week than all the other hygienists have completed in a month.  The idea is that increases in production are always rewarded!   No exceptions.

For example a pizza shop has to have a constant supply of boxes to ship out its pies.  Two guys are making them and one makes more than the other one in the same time frame.  Not only does he make more, but he doubles the other box maker’s number.  Now these employees get paid by the hour,  so why would you change anything?  Because a solid bonus system (Usually in the form of money or some favorable reward) translates into consistently greater production.   I could go something like:  “First one to make 100 boxes gets a free pizza to take home!”  Just visualize how quickly those boxes would get made.

Ask yourself what the incentive for a WalMart cashier is to move quickly?  He or she will receive the same pay check regardless of how many items are scanned and people sent on their way, correct?  What is the motivation exactly?  Just think about players in the NFL or NBA being paid on individual performance for each game they play.   I’ll bet you’d see some seriously good football and very close games across the board.  It isn’t any different with staff.  Give them a GOOD reason to perform and they will.

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