As a race of humans we have become one that will almost always choose convenience over quality.  We will sooner refer to a company’s Google, Yahoo, or Bing business listing for reviews than actually getting out of our cars to check a business out on foot.   It is one of many reasons your online image is so important.

We already know that roughly 80 to 90% of businesses, no matter how small or large need to have at least some presence online.  But that’s not what I’m talking about here.  I am talking about capitalizing on your drive by traffic by making yourself visible and known as if you had colored your image and logo directly onto their foreheads so that they are basically forced to see your image and logo every time they went to a mirror.

We have heard it said that images are stronger than words.  In terms of visibility via drive by traffic many studies have shown that people (Be it pedestrians or motorists) will not remember a business sign that contains only ‘letters’.  But images?  Now we’re on to something.  If I asked you where the nearest Circle K was most of you could tell me.  In fact if I asked you to remember all the signs you saw today I would wager that 98% or better will say: “KFC” or “Taco Bell.  The chicken bucket is what you think of, correct?  And you know where the nearest one is don’t you?  For Taco Bell you remember the bell itself, correct?  If I asked you what the wording was on either sign would you be able to tell me?  Most can’t.  Why?  Because the mind stores images easier and more efficiently than words.   So take a look a look at your sign outside.  I’ll wait………

Does it look like an oversized business card?  Or is it absolutely clear to your public exactly what it is that you provide at your establishment?  And remember just because you made the letters  and sign larger doesn’t mean that your sign still doesn’t scream “Oh please, please look at me!”  Is your sign lit for evening time and how far down the road can you see it?  Time to get to work eh?  ;  )

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