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Google, Yahoo, Bing & Yelp for Business

In the highly technical and sometimes confusing world of ‘SEO’, business owners need to understand the necessity of ensuring that their business is listed in the top four major search engines.  I call this part of ‘The ‘fundamentals’ of digital marketing’.  I liken today’s digital age to the 20th century yellow pages in terms of […]

How to get more referrals

While there are many ways to create a steady flow of referrals, one thing is certain:   Prior to receiving a solid ‘word of mouth’ referral, the establishment of a relationship between you and your customer/client/patient is more crucial than you think. This isn’t simply about knowing your customer/ client/patient by first name, or even […]

Assisted Living Services

  WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN SELECTING AN ASSISTED LIVING SERVICES FOR YOUR LOVED ONE.   There are thousands of beds available offering some kind of daily assistance with ‘activities of daily living’ for vulnerable adults in Maricopa county.   These services are generically known as ‘assisted living’ services.  Adult day care also helps when […]

Staff Performance

Over the years I have had the opportunity to be involved in the process of staffing various businesses throughout the country.  From dental practices to beverage supply manufacturers I have covered a vast territory and have had great success with helping various business / practice owners from Portland, ME. to Portland, OR.  I have been […]

Public Relations Precedes Marketing

As business owners we are approached on a daily basis by those who wish to sell us marketing and promotional services.  It is often difficult to decide which of these services will be the most effective and reap the greatest reward.  After all, there is a lot of transparency to SEO and often times a […]

SEO Tips for Business

Search engine optimization isn’t just a matter of adding keywords and crossing your fingers; there are many factors involved in pushing your website to the top. The search engines want their users (your future customers) to have the best search experience possible, which means the more your website is relevant to a search, the better […]

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